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Benz BMW Audi exclusive program supply universal power supply utility vehicle fast charging machine 5,999.00

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Benz BMW Audi exclusive program supply universal power supply utility vehicle fast charging machine

BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Land Rover, Porsche dedicated intelligent programming rechargeable power
Fool most stable programming power
APP-2100A Automotive intelligent programming rechargeable power supply, 14V120A, overseas custom machine. Year warranty and lifetime maintenance.
A variety of programming voltage selector, maintenance mode, charging mode, in English and any switch, the programming environment temperature prompts illegal operation to force protection, force alarm,
To prevent wrong operation and damage to equipment.
For two cars at the same time programming.
BMW appears compiled and edited dead car lock car in the programming process, should be mostly caused by voltage instability, voltage fluctuations in the value of BMW in the programming process is required
Non- often small, especially for MOST systems, burglar CAS module programming, localization, the conversion process, the slightest mistake will crash, black screen, the car can not let your
Spend lots of money to replace the module, this set of equipment can provide a very stable voltage, solve your worries, in order to meet programming needs. This product is customized for foreign and domestic generations
Workers, the quality is very good.
Strongly proposed program customers purchase the equipment.
The power supply is a special OPS programming.
Usually during the preparation of professional programming and maintenance of vehicles of various car programs eternal voltage and current
Programming during power levels must be maintained within a narrow chance of widespread destruction controller is minimized. It must be adjusted voltage between 13.5 to 14.8 volts
Before the power cable is connected to the car's battery. There is a liquid crystal display to display statistics.
This device can also be the vehicle fast charging, adjust AC and DC, powerful, stable test, perfect after-sale, buy is earned .
Output characteristics
DC voltage: 14.5V
Rated current: 0-100A
Rated maximum power: 1500W
ripple and noise: 100mVp-p
Input characteristics
Rated input voltage: 220V (+/- 20%)
Frequency range: 40-60HZ
Power factor: 0.95
Efficiency: 85%
Protection Features
Overload: 90-110% of rated output power
Overvoltage: 15V
Operating temperature: -40 - +85
Safety: UL60950, TUV EN60950-1
voltage: I / PO / P: 3KVAC I / P-FG: 1.5 KVAC
Insulation resistance: I / PO / P, I / P-FG: 100M Ohms, 500VDC / 25 ° / 70% RH
EMC: EN55022, EN61000 indicators LED1 equipment high temperature alarm; LED2 power work instructions; LED3 battery pole indication; LED4 overcurrent alarm;

1. The location of the device into a reliable place to prevent falling damage equipment;
2. the input power into 220V power outlet socket should be used to ensure high-quality contact reliability, recommend bull card socket;
3. The output of the power cord into the outlet and turn it clockwise, so that the plug contacts reliable;
4. Connect red clip of the car battery positive, black clip connecting battery negative;
5. connected correctly, the display shows: the battery is connected correctly, the system starts ; and
6. After the start-up display: Please turn on the power switch. At this time the red power switch indicator lights;
7. Continued switches, power in work mode, displays the voltage and current. Instructions: 1. If the battery positive and negative connection error, the device sounds an alarm, the red LED lights up, the need for timely correct the error; 2. Once the device commencement, he entered the alert, when during programming due to power outages, power supply socket is bad, the insurance burned, when the equipment failure does not output power, the device sounds an alarm, while display CHECK flashes, the need for timely troubleshooting; 3. output over-current, this device sends DDD alarm sound, every one minute to remind once, check the reasons, such as whether the battery is damaged, short circuit, etc. When the fault alarm tone stops; 4. excessive discharge, off grid, battery voltage is lower than 8V will not be recognized and Wufu start power supply; 5. Once the device starts, even from the battery, this device is still output 14V power supply; 6. Once the device starts, due to accidental causes positive and negative output short circuit, the device itself off, and you need to restart; 7. prohibit blocking air inlet and air vents, if necessary, the front support legs raised, so that the exhaust smooth; 8. input power line has 15A fuse, damage should be replaced after the same type fuses; 9. The back of the device has an input current fuse, if the insurance pop-up, press the need to manually enter, you will need to repair equipment repeatedly pops up.

Note: This program is not connected to a battery power supply, will assume a non-normal operation, the power supply will not start
Aftermarket : Host year warranty, one year free maintenance, life-long paid maintenance.
Import quality, quality is guaranteed. Convenient and stable 4-fold protection
★ temperature protection
★ Power clamp reverse protection
★ overcurrent protection
★ Disconnect the battery protection
And there are two big fan of this work long hours, no problems, the LCD displays the current operating voltage and current.

Please observe the general rules for safe use of electricity. You must use power outlet with a ground wire. The machine has a high-pressure, non-professionals do not open, so as to avoid electric shock !

Dual electronic cooling fan, quiet and efficient, to ensure the power of continuous work months without heating

Power matching 3 m copper cable, copper forging clip, programming by ensuring reliable high current contacts! Common market that clip, can not afford a large current will heat lead
From poor contact in the programming voltage drops, can easily cause failure caused the loss of programming!

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