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exhaust gas analyzer emission analyzer II repair shop dedicated 3,599.00

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exhaust gas analyzer emission analyzer II repair shop dedicated

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First, the instrument Introduction
The automobile exhaust gas analyzers automobile exhaust oxygen content is analyzed to determine the automobile exhaust carbon monoxide (CO ) and hydrocarbons (HC ) emissions compliance with national standards; also from exhaust emissions oxygen content (%) size, reflecting the engine's air-fuel ratio is in the optimum power and economy of the state.
The instrument is designed for automotive maintenance and repair sector designed to meet the needs of the exhaust gas, with a compact, easy to operate, easy to use and inexpensive features, is the car maintenance and repair industry is the best testing equipment.
Second, the technical parameters
1, measuring range: 0 --- 25%
2, the measurement accuracy: ± 1%
3, the working environment temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
4, relative humidity: ≤85%
5. Response time: ≤15S
6, the working voltage: AC220V
Third, the principle
The instrument uses the oxygen electrode plate Prussian diaphragm sensor; pure platinum as the cathode, silver anode, after oxygen into the sensor, oxygen, oxygen molecules through the membrane to the cathode, producing a chemical reaction at an appropriate point of polarization voltage, the sensor electrode current is proportional to the oxygen content of the gas, after amplifying circuit, read directly from the meter percentage of oxygen.
The use of methods
1. Commissioning:
(1) Press the power switch power indicator light
(2) Open the pump sucked into the fresh air, warmed up for 15 minutes, then adjust the "Value" knob so that display 210, that atmospheric oxygen content of 21% (the last one is decimal) in the desired range test, pay attention : test range referred to here is the test which together with the altitude adjustment, for example: 1500 meters above sea level which is now the instrument, you need to adjust the test range and 17.6 percent to 176 positions. Normally the display can be adjusted to the range of 210.

Atmospheric oxygen and altitude change of relational tables:

Altitude m

2, the test:
0 beam test car pollution
Engine at operating temperature, engine speed to accelerate from 0 to 70% of rated speed, speed is reduced to zero after maintaining 60S turntable measurement. See debugging good instrument connected with the probe into the trachea, the extractor probe inserted into the car exhaust pipe, the depth of not less than 200mm, then the instrument switches and pump switch should be in the open state, until the display shows stable 15S After reading the display value, this value is the automobile exhaust oxygen content.
At zero speed test, when the exhaust gas oxygen content below 14%, CO, HC emissions in line with national standards. The lower oxygen content, indicating better combustion.
When the oxygen content in the 3-6% range, this time in the best engine power and economy status, namely air-fuel ratio within a desired range.
V. Notes
1. Always check the filter and filter tube filter surface blockage inside the probe handle, such as severe black should replace the filter and filter cotton (cotton)
2, in order to extend the life of the instrument should avoid prolonged probe placed in the exhaust pipe to take gas. 3, the pipe joints sealed even more strictly, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy.

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