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US imports Bionic Ear And Booster Set bionic ear acoustic logger

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US imports Bionic Ear And Booster Set bionic ear acoustic logger

Amplify weak or distant sounds with Bionic bionic ear booster and acquisition can listen to up to 100 yards away pointed to the sound units. This set is equipped with 12-inch parabolic antenna and has a voice recorder can record collection. This is a very portable and sensitive parabolic microphone.

The bionic ear and boosters , the performance available to the user a precise positioning of the reception. Uses include investigation, monitoring, search and rescue operations, hunting, wildlife observation, outdoor adventure, sports, camping, bird watching, and so on.

• heard the distant sound of up to 150-200 yards away
• Recording jack to record sound pickup

Parabolic listening system is a very lightweight and sensitive professional microphone monitor. Removable parabolic only 12 inches in diameter, is waterproof, shockproof construction materials. The product increased by 37 times the sound, in some cases, depending on the wind noise around the other, you can hear a bird from 400 yards sounds. Bionic using a complicated circuit parabolic bionic ear is very sensitive microphones amplify the sound (not to be confused with the price is not cheap toy products on the market). Sound is transferred to a high-power booster inside. By a professional-grade headphones. It includes an automatic safety shut down to prevent harmful sound reaches the ear of the user. Using sound and helps reduce background noise.

Product Specifications
• 100-10KHz frequency response
• gain amplifier 90 db cut
• amplified sound by 40 db
• Independent volume control on the headset
• output jack to record sounds
• In 10V jack maximum impedance line
• -46dB Microphone sensitivity
• 40-hour battery life
• 9V battery (not included)
• Size: 17 "long x11.5" W × 10 "H


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