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COMBA N Female 700-2700mhz Power Splitter - 2 Way 55.00

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This 2 Way Power Splitter Operating Frequency 700 ~ 2700mhz for Use in Signal Distribution Systems to Split the Amplified Signal to Up to 2 Antennas With the Minimal Signal Loss. This 2 Way Power Splitter Allows You to Drive 2 Interior Antennas From a Single Amplifier/repeater.

Signal Energy Will Be Divided Into Two Signals Energy Output Devices.
Can Be Used to Split the External-antenna Signal in Booster/amplifier/repeater Systems.
Used in a Wide Variety of Applications and Can Satisfy Almost Any Requirement Where a Signal Needs to Be Distributed or Combined.
Provide Minimal Insertion Loss While Delivering High Isolation Between Output Ports With Exceptional Phase and Amplitude Balance.

Functional Description
Brand: Comba
Model: 2 Way
Color: Silver
Operating Frequency: 700 ~ 2700mhz
Max Power Capacity: 200w
Connector Type: N Female
Operating Temp: -25 ~ 55
Case: Alloy
Size: 17 * 58 * 156 Mm
Weight: 0.21 Kg

Package Included
1 * Power Splitter - 2 Way

Warranty : N/A
7 Days One to One Exchange if the Goods Are Damaged in Shipping

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