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Muji Japanese Organic Cotton - 180 Sheet 23.99

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Certified organic pure cotton wicking material by Muji. After we examined and used this cotton, we find it looks to be the exact same as the Koh Gen Do pads. Wicks and tastes the same. We're so confident that if you find a difference in flavor we will refund your money for them! These cotton pads have NOT been chemically treated, bleached, or dyed. The Muji cotton gives you a very clean taste and a much improved wicking ability over standard cotton balls. Very easy to use and prepare; simply cut the pad into strips, gently peel off the outer layers and then roll into your desired wick size.

Made in Japan by Muji
Each pad size is approx. 50 * 60mm
This is normal for organic unbleached cotton.
The pads are an off white color with natural dark specs visible.

Package Included
1 * Muji Cotton 180 Sheet

Warranty : N/A
7 days one to one exchange if the goods are damaged in shipping

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