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Grain moisture meter tester corn wheat rice Fodder 399.00

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Digital LCD grain moisture meter tester corn wheat rice wheat cakes flour starch Fodder moisture hygrometer tool

1. Integrated human design, high sensitivity sensor, the measurement results are displayed visually on the screen.
2, the measurement speed is fast, the whole process operation takes only 1 minute, the measured value is 1 second reading,
which saves valuable time.
3 temperature and humidity compensation technology, the measurement accuracy is high, accurate, reliable and stable.
4 The instrument design adopts a large-scale integrated circuit of low power and liquid crystal display technology, which consumes low power.
5. The alarm function maintains the maximum value.

1. High performance digital humidity measuring instrument. The instrument adopts the principle of resistance, digital display and the
sensor is integrated with the main body.
2. It is mainly suitable for measuring the grain moisture of the particles. There are several gears to measure the humidity of various types
of grain, rice, high-grain rice, flour, food, corn, wheat, barley, grain, soybeans, adazuki beans, various grains, bean paste, cakes,
starch, etc.
3 This instrument measurement is an ideal instrument to detect the moisture content of your products in Food, Agriculture and
Other industries, Specifications: Display mode: 4-digit LCD digital display

Humidity measuring range: 6-30%
Measuring environment: Temperature: -10 ° C-60 ° C humidity: 0-90%
Measuring principle: Resistance method, temperature compensation
Response time: 1 second
Power: 4 AAA batteries
Volume: 455mm x 73mm x 33mm
Net weight: approximately 202 grams
Food types: 25 types

Package information: Package
size: 500x105x40mm, 19.69x4.13x1.57 in
Package weight: 336g / 11.87oz
Package Polythene bag

Graphite crucible mini furnace gold torch metal melting :
1 * Meter
2 * Protector
1 * bag

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