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etching machine marking pattern engraving 2,899.00

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electro-corrosion marking machine Metal manufacturer electrochemical engraving machine metal steel marking pattern

New electrochemical etching machine with marking pattern in metallic steel 300 W 0.6-10 S

The presentation

Metal electrochemical engraving machine, also known as metal electric printing marking machine, metal electrochemical marking machine.


This machine uses "Low Voltage in the marking liquid" technology to make the metal surface ionized.
You can print any brand on metal series, such as trademarks, item names and technical objectives.

Arbitrary images and text, extremely high precision, the height of the words is only 0.5mm, the words still very clear and hairless, the marking effects can be completely comparable with the laser marking, and the color is usually higher than the laser It can withstand high temperatures, any organic erosion solvent, never fades or falls.
The drill bit from small to 2mm in diameter or the steel plate a few square meters, flat, chamber surface can easily mark.
Advantages of the electrochemical engraving machine: compared to laser marking ------ low cost, high speed, same marking effect.
Compared to the screen ink printing ------ firm, it never falls. Compared to the traditional machine ------ enhanced clarity.
Its electro print liquid PH value is neutral and does not damage the skin, nor does it oxidize. Compared to steel printing ------ the accuracy greatly improved, easily marking regardless of the hardness of the metal, without damaging the roughness of the metal surface and the stress of the metal parts. Main features: intelligent, perfect, stable and reliable quality; With original automatic overload protection device and fan cooling device. Template plates use imported raw materials of high quality, high shelf life, suitable for mass production; Full liquid marking, do not fade the copper marking, clear fight in aluminum, does not affect the surrounding parts in black work pieces, good darkness in stainless steel, does not oxidize in steel.


Hardware tools, scissors, blades, stainless steel products, plumbing equipment, medical equipment, car and motorcycle accessories, machine parts, machine tools, gears, measuring and cutting tools for bearings, hard metal, valves, instruments of signaling and meters, watches and clocks, glasses, sewing machine parts, kitchenware, steel and wood furniture, copper and aluminum products, etc.


1. Have a special sharp pulse waveform in favor of fast and deep engraving;

2. The protective starter circuit is designed to eliminate overload current;

3. The filter circuit can filter the voltage pulse of more than 220V;

4. The fuse is designed according to the theoretical value;

5. Modular design makes maintenance easy;

6. The dialing interface is designed to connect to automatic equipment;

7. The resistance of the marking head is less than 0.1 Ω.

The specifications

Power supply 220 V ± 10%

Power: 300 W

Time setting range: 0.6-10 seconds

Maximum output voltage: 12.8V

Retail 3299rm

Item :NEW


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