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Medical Sanitizing misting System 1,100.00

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Medical Sanitizing misting System

HydroMist CM20e Misting System uses pressure pump with fine nozzle orifices in 0.3mm to produce mist that humidify the environment in a confined area. This misting system is not only applicable to the medical disinfection solution, it is also used for other application like garden, and patio for cooling effect. It is also very popular in garden landscaping. Many have been supplied to cool off restaurant with HydroMist CM20e. This CM20e Mist Cooling System DIY Set is a complete package that contains 20 stainless steel cool misting nozzles to cool off your house patio especially during dry spell or hot season, example beginning of the new year which is extremely dry with high temperature. This system will help you to bring down the house temperature by emitting mist from the top of your roof. This Can be installed along side of the awning of your house to promote higher moisture. For medical application, this is particularly designed and tested to be effective for sanitizing

Application: Medical Sanitizing Solution. Automatic Roof Top Cooling, Garden misting, patio misting effect, Restaurant mist fogging system, Food Stall

Benefit: Easy to Setup, Fully Automatic, Save water to spray all over the places on ground to cool the house.

Pump Set Specification:
24V DC/4A , 240VAC 50HZ/60HZ..
Max Water pressure: 140 psi

HydroMist System includes
CM20e Mist Pump (1 pc)
Power Adaptor (1 set)
Timer Program Module (extra function to add timer to the mist)
Stainless Steel Nozzle (20pc)
Mist Hose (50ft)
Pipe T Connector (20 pc)
Wall Clamp (20 pc)
Screen filter(1 pc)

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