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RM 5,500.00 K.K areas 13-Aug-2010

hi all,i have an antique tudor watch,silver in colour,it's a gift,so im selling it off now,if your really interested please do sms me and i will mms u the picture then we meet up n deal.thanks
RM 230.00 K.K areas 11-Aug-2010

hi all,i hav a faulty car dvd player,china punya,the only thing working is the mmc card and radio,dvd player needs to be clean,so im letting it go cheap now...
RM 400.00 K.K areas 11-Aug-2010

hi all,i have an original bov made from hks,its hks ssqv bought from kl at rm690,now im selling rm400,faster call me,im willing to swap with any car amps and woofer or anything