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RM 40.00 K.K areas 27-Sep-2010

This is my RAM before on my compaq laptop. It's also compatible with HP laptop. I don't use it anymore becoz i already bought 1GB RAM. Call me @ 0105348399 (Daytime Only and please NO SMS).
RM 70.00 K.K areas 26-Sep-2010

This is the collector edition of BluRay. I'm going to sell this one because i already had another The Crow movie. I bought this in UK. Please call and NO SMS will be entertain. Thanks
RM 60.00 K.K areas 26-Sep-2010

I never play this game since i bought it from UK. This game still looks great. If you wanna get it, contact me. Serious buyer only and please NO SMS. Only call allow. Hurry, Quick, Quick!
RM 15.00 Papar 26-Sep-2010

This is an original VCD i want to sale and the title is Wanted. And starring Angelina Jolie. With box and crystal casing. No worry, no scratch. Be ori, Get Ori... Call me if you interested and please