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Taser Gun / Stun Gun 900.00

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Power Long Distance Taser Stun Guns/ Taser Gun (5M)

Taser Gun / Stun Gun

Model NO.
1m, 3m, 5m 10m

Source Voltage
Power Source
Rechargeable Battery
Self Defense, Lighting, Electric Shock
Special Function
Flying Empty
Output Voltage
More Than 6000kv
Power Current
Greater Than or Equal to 2.5A
Flashlight Stun Gun/Torch S

Major technique target and characteristic
Power source 4.8V may imitate the battery
Output voltage 80kv
Main engine weight 0.19kg
Launches the effective rang In 5 meters(2.5~3meters best)
Electric shock delay time 30 seconds
Electric aec penetration effect inch about clothes
Validity Spurt the medicinal preparation or the bullet
chemistry is faster than to human body response
After has not hit a target the backing If two piquadas both have not hit a target the goal,takes
down the launcher ,by main engine front endmasculine
and feminine elements extremely ,but when electrode use
Automatic pulse matching Once the piquada projicts,main engine
body 30 seconds later closes again,may
obtain the more affirmative uniform effect
Safety switch has
Spicy element ball effective rang 2.5`3meters

The electron defends against riots the characteristic explanation

The electron defends against riots by the main engine, the launcher and the laser
sight is composed, is integrated many kinds of vanguard technologies, both can
defend self-defense and to be able in 5 meter fan encircles the active treat to defend
against riots the equipment. It is the public security police and police stops the crime
the stable social order effective tool. Defends against riots the main engine to be
to produce the 8OKV high pressure, through the laser sight aiming goal, presses table
advocates the machine firing button, the launcher projects two charged probes or the
spicy element ball, after striking in the goal, outputs the 80KV high pressure uniform
criminal Defends against riots output current the strict control in the margin for safet
does not have the life hazardous nature the spicy element shoots to use the pure
natural extract, to have absolutely never the injury to the body. Defends against ric
best the transmission range is 2.5 meters-3 meters This product contour is artistic u
the volume is small, the weight is light, is advantageous carries, conforms to the fire

Application method

1. Grips the main engine handle, to install the launcher(piquada or spicy element
ball). 2. Turns on the safety switch, to cause the laser sight alignment goal, to press
ing button then launch. 3. If has not installed time the launcher, but direct electric
shock. 4. This product can only use this aircraft necessary battery charger charge. 5
Inserts the 200v power point, the battery charger, after in plug insertion main engines
jack, charge for 8-10 hours Does not use half a month to charge a time. 6. When uses
the spicy element baii, above 1.5 meters, may aim at the scoundrel to launch, afte
he iaunch, sets up namely closes the power source, like eye long time stabbing pain
available clean water clean ocular region

Price depend on distance
& Quality product ...

Postage : 25
Cod : Taman Gembira


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